The Carignane grape variety is one of the most widely planted grapes in the world. It's popularity stems from the high crop yeilds that it produces as well as the characteristics that it can bring to a wine. Wine made from Carignane usually has red-fruit characteristics, deep violet and purple color, strong tannin structure and high levels of alcohol content. It is sometimes peppery like Syrah.. These characteristics have made it very popular as a blending agent in the vast quantities of local table wines (jug wines) that are consumed around the world. It often provides the 'backbone' of these wines and is blended with other grape varieties that bring additonal flavor characteristics.

Aromas:     black fruits : blackcurrant, bilberry
                  spices of wood : vanilla, grooves, tobacco, liquorice
                  scent of undergrowth : mushrooms
                  grass of scrubland : bay-tree, rosemary



The Grenache grape variety is a sweet grape and is one of the most planted in the world. It produces wines that are fruity, full in flavor, and have overtones of spice. Wines made from the Grenache are usually light in color and are often made of blends with other grape varieties. Grenache resists heat and tolerates limited rainfall. In France it is used in making red and rose (Tavel and Lirac) wines in the Rhone river valley where it is widely planted.

Aromas: blackcurrant, blackberry, very ripe cherry, crushed cutter, bay-tree, eucalyptus, liquorice
with the age: tobacco, cooked apricot, smoked, game, spices



Robust mediterranean hot climate grape variety widely grown in the southern Rhone region of France and mainly used to introduce color and body to the red wine blends. Mourvèdre performs well in warmer growing areas and well drained (even stony) soils. Its wines are medium bodied, deeply colored and full of fruit (cherry and berries). It can improve for up to 10 years when stored properly.

Aromas: blackcurrant, black fruits, bilberry, liquorice, pepper, thyme, clove, grooves
with the age: truffle and tobacco



In cooler climates like the Rhone valley of France, it often has more pepper and spice aromas and flavors. Syrah usually becomes drinkable at an early age and most are produced for consumption within a year after release (2rd year from harvest). On the other hand, there are Syrah/Shiraz examples of very long lived wines such as Hermitage in France.

Aromas: black fruits and spices, blackcurrant, raspberry, blackberry, violet, cedar, grooves, pepper, leather, tobacco, truffle


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